1. E-TECH Engineering Trustpilot reviews

    E-TECH Engineering Trustpilot reviews
    We joined the world of trustpilot so our customers can leave their reviews and experiences of our products. If you have purchased an E-TECH Engineering product and would like to tell others about it go to the link below and share with others your experience. Also if you have had a good experience purchasing our products and would like to...
  2. E-TECH Lens Tinting Kit Video

    E-TECH Lens Tinting Kit Video
      We have produced a video to show how to apply and remove the E-TECH LENS TINT and give some information for getting the best possible finish from the product. You can see the video on the product page of our website: CLICK HERE If you are unfamiliar with the product the video is a great way to see what the...
  3. E-TECH Pro Class Wheel Cleaner

    E-TECH Pro Class Wheel Cleaner
    Probably the most prominent and noticeable part of any car are its wheels. They are constantly exposed to dirt, grit, road grime, road salt and a heavy build-up of brake dust, all of which combine to corrode the surface of the alloy wheel causing irreversible damage. This E-TECH Pro Class Alloy Wheel Cleaner quickly and effectively breaks down and cuts...
  4. Pro Class Detailing and Valeting Products

    Pro Class Detailing and Valeting Products
    E-TECH PRO CLASS Detailing and valeting products are an advanced range of essential car detailing and valeting products that utilises the very latest chemistry techniques with a combination of the finest natural and synthetic waxes, polymers, resins and hydrophobic coatings. Within this range of products we have chosen the essential items that are needed to give a vehicle a complete...
  5. New AIR-CON CLEANSER Available Now

    New AIR-CON CLEANSER Available Now
    Über Air Air-Con Cleanser A range of 3 fragranced Air-Con Cleansers designed to be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s ventilation system to eliminate bad odours and refresh the air. Circulates around the vehicle via the ventilation and/or air-conditioning system. Ideal for • cars • vans • trucks • caravans • motorhomes • boats The ideal solution to bad odours...

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